What are the advantages of playing the game of tennis

What are the advantages of playing the game of tennis?

Fermifootball.org – Tennis is the game which has been played for several years. Tennis is one of the best sports which can be chosen by anyone due to the number of advantages that it can provide to a tennis player. Irrespective of age group many people would opt for playing tennis.

Why tennis is still the best sport?

  • According to the physician Ralph Paffenbarger of Harvard University School of public health, people who play tennis 3 hours a week could cut down their risk of death to halfway. He had finished around 150 marathons over the age of 45 years and even studies over 10000 people over a period of 20 years in his life.
  • Though there are several other sports games and athlete games tennis is a game which can increase your vigor, self-esteem, and optimism while low levels of depression, anger, anxiety, tension and confusion according to a study conducted by Dr. Joan Finn at Southern Connecticut State University.
  • According to the reports which were provided by the scientists of University at Illinois, tennis would generate new connections among the nerves of the brain and the brain would continue to develop lifelong as you need to be very alert and tactical thinking is required while playing the game.
  • You can find several other outdoor games like golf, skating, basketball etc but tennis always outperforms rest of the outdoor games especially when you consider in developing the positive personality characteristics of the player according to Dr, Jim Gavin who was the author of The Exercise Habit.
  • According to the studies on caloric expenditure, the competitive tennis would burn a greater number of calories than the rest of the games like skating, cycling, aerobics or any other activity which you may opt for.
What are the advantages of playing the game of tennis

What are the advantages of playing the game of tennis

Each game would provide a benefit out of it but tennis is the only game which can provide all the benefits together. This is the reason why most of the scientists and physicians consider tennis as the best healthful activity which they would recommend. It provides a range of benefits that include mental, physical as well as emotional comfort. In order to become a tennis player, you need to have a lot of stamina which can be developed gradually as you keep practicing tennis. It’s like a fun way of exercising as it could provide you with the capability to handle a healthy competition while keeping you in good shape.

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You can consider tennis as a sport or just as a hobby to play with your friends or relatives. It could provide a wide range of benefits like increasing the aerobic capacity, improve metabolic rate, stress reduction, reduces the body fat, balances heart rate and blood pressure, increases density of bones, tones your muscles, improves your body strength and flexibility etc. It is a great outdoor game which can be played by people of all age groups. As the tennis game is a non- impact sport it’s safe to be played by anyone of any age group.

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