Beat a Defender in Soccer

How to Beat a Defender in Soccer through Tricks? – Proper soccer moves are the key to success as they allow you to dribble past defenders. You should wisely choose and use your moves to beat defenders.

Here are some tips to make you a better player in the field.

Inside Touch, Scissor:

You’ve to be fast feet to sell this deadly move properly. First, touch the ball ahead with the inside of your feet. Now do a fast scissor with the same foot, cutting an outside touch with the other foot.

This rapid move will puzzle the defenders as they’ll expect you to cut inside while you’ll trick them moving in the opposite way.

Diagonal Cruyff:

This versatile move allows you to switch directions, turn and to trick defenders with ease. Use this move when the defender is at a diagonal angle, to beat a wingback charging at you from an angle when you’re near the sidelines. Touch the ball, use an inside touch with that foot to move it behind your opposite leg as the defender attacks you. He’ll be tricked tackling the empty place while you’ll run ahead of him with the ball before he reaches you.

Beat a Defender in Soccer

Beat a Defender in Soccer


Touch the ball simultaneously outside and then inside in a single move. It may look like two touches but actually is a single slick motion. The outside touch is vital to work this trick right. So practice hard and sell the move with your body movement. This deadly move is capable to make the defenders stumble or fall over if you execute it properly.

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This is the most incredible move to beat defenders. First, touch the top of the ball, then turn and drag the ball forward using your another foot and turn again. Chase a loose ball, reach before the defender and use this trick to work a charging defender’s momentum against him. Don’t use it if the defender is delaying you. Timing is the key to this move.


Touch the ball towards the defender and pull it across your body to the opposite foot to touch it into open space as the defender approaches to tackle you. Once you time this move correctly, it’ll effectively stop the defender’s momentum while you pass him successfully.

Forward Roll, Stopovers, Scissors:

Roll the ball forward with a single touch, and then do multiple scissors and stepovers quickly. Touch the ball past defender while he stumbles losing control. Sell the trick with proper body movement.

Stop and Go:

This trick confuses the defender as you pretend to cut the ball back but then dribble forward with speed. Use an inside touch to cut the ball back halfway and then use another inside touch with your opposite foot, or move your opposite foot behind the leg pulling back the back and then push the ball forward with an inside touch.

You don’t need to learn lots of moves, but learn a set of moves with perfection and use them properly using your body movement, make the defenders believe your trick – that’s what great players do.

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