Helsinki Roosters Dominate Wasa Royals with a Commanding 55-27 Victory

Helsinki Roosters Dominate Wasa Royals with a Commanding 55-27 Victory

The Helsinki Roosters displayed an impressive performance as they staged a remarkable comeback against the Wasa Royals, ultimately triumphing over them with a convincing 55-27 victory at Helsinki’s Käpylä Velodrome. The game marked the midpoint of the season in Finland’s Maple League, and it was the second encounter between these two teams in just over a week, with Helsinki having previously won the initial match by a score of 43-28.

Early in the game, the Wasa Royals took advantage of a Roosters fumble and capitalized on the opportunity to strike first. Starting from their own 38-yard line, quarterback Tim Morovick promptly led his team down to the Helsinki 15-yard line in a mere six plays. On a second and seven, Morovick scrambled into the end zone himself, granting the Royals a 7-0 lead.

However, the Roosters wasted no time responding, equalizing the score at 7-7 on their next possession. Quarterback Dimitrios Sinodinos connected with Willem Kajander for an incredible 53-yard touchdown play.

In the second quarter’s early stages, Helsinki seized the lead as Sinodinos orchestrated an impressive five-play, 60-yard drive, ultimately rushing into the end zone from three yards out.

Merely two minutes later, with the Royals struggling to advance their offense, Sinodinos once again connected with Kajander for a 41-yard touchdown, expanding the Roosters’ lead to 21-7. Nonetheless, Morovick demonstrated his resilience, leading Wasa from their own 33-yard line to the Roosters’ four-yard line, primarily relying on his own rushing abilities to advance the ball. Morovick then scored from three yards out, narrowing the lead to 21-14.

Helsinki Roosters Dominate Wasa Royals with a Commanding 55-27 Victory

Following the Royals’ touchdown, Helsinki responded swiftly with a nine-play, 66-yard drive. Ville Hämäläinen concluded the series with a 10-yard touchdown run, bringing the score to 28-14 as the teams headed into halftime.

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The Roosters extended their lead on the opening drive of the second half, as Sinodinos connected with Kajander once again for their third touchdown of the game, this time from four yards out. With the score now 35-14, the weariness from playing three games in just eight days began to take a toll on the fatigued Wasa Royals. Helsinki regained possession after a brief Wasa drive and resumed their offensive prowess. Sinodinos led the Roosters on a 78-yard, seven-play drive, resulting in Hämäläinen’s second touchdown of the game, a five-yard rush. This further widened the gap to an apparently insurmountable 42-14 with slightly over three minutes remaining in the third quarter.

As the third quarter drew to a close, Morovick managed to reduce the deficit to 42-20 by connecting with Alpha Jalloh for a 32-yard touchdown.

The Roosters’ offensive dominance continued, with Lehtinen scoring a 26-yard rushing touchdown early in the fourth quarter, increasing the lead to 48-20.

Despite Morovick’s efforts to rally his team, scoring his third touchdown of the game and narrowing the gap to 48-27, the Royals’ defense could not contain the Roosters’ relentless offense. With time running out, backup quarterback Jerry Silomas threw a seven-yard touchdown pass to San Vehkomaki, sealing the final score at 55-27 and securing a crucial victory for Helsinki.

Morovick had a commendable performance for the Royals, throwing for 127 yards and one touchdown, while also rushing for an impressive 89 yards and three scores. Alpha Jalloh contributed significantly, recording six receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown.

For Helsinki, Sinodinos showcased his skills, completing 14 of 21 passes for 241 yards and three touchdowns, in addition to rushing for 33 yards and one touchdown. Lehtinen carried the ball 14 times for 110 yards and a touchdown, while Hämäläinen contributed with 14 rushes for 82 yards and two touchdowns. Kajander made an impact with four receptions for 109 yards and three touchdowns, while Vehkomaki caught seven passes for 107 yards and one touchdown.

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With this victory, the Roosters moved ahead of the Royals, securing the fifth position in the standings with five games remaining in the regular season.

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