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Red card in soccer: A Complete Guide to What It Means

When a player is shown a red card, it is one of the most serious moments in any soccer game. It has consequences not just for that game but potentially for the following games as well. If you’re looking to find out more and gain a better understanding of the meaning of the red card […]

Slide Tackle in Soccer – All You Need to Know

One thing that I’ve always found satisfying about playing soccer is making a last-minute slide tackle on an opponent just as they are about to take a shot. But when you watch soccer, you notice that sometimes a referee will penalize a player for making a slide tackle, and sometimes they won’t. So, can you […]

Goal Kick in Soccer: Rules and Meaning

A goal kick in soccer takes place multiple times throughout every game. If you’ve watched even one game, I’m sure you will have seen one. Understanding why a player takes a goal kick and knowing what is involved is essential to appreciate this part of the game. But when someone talks about a goal kick, […]

The Renovations Of Arsenal Stadium – Emirates In 2022

Arsenal is arranging a progression of much-required redesign projects at Emirates Stadium. The club recognizes during the current week’s Fans Forum that 16 years of mileage have negatively affected our home. It’s perceived that a review of our offices was embraced the previous summer and that an assortment of errands has since been focused on […]

How to Beat a Defender in Soccer through Tricks?

Fermifootball.org – Proper soccer moves are the key to success as they allow you to dribble past defenders. You should wisely choose and use your moves to beat defenders. Here are some tips to make you a better player in the field. Inside Touch, Scissor: You’ve to be fast feet to sell this deadly move […]

Why are sports important in the life of children?

Fermifootball.org – Nowadays, children show very less interest in outdoor games as most of them would choose to play video games or computer games, watching television in their homes. As such they hardly have any physical activity involved in their routine. It’s the responsibility of their parents to see that their children are active. This […]

What are the advantages of playing the game of tennis?

Fermifootball.org – Tennis is the game which has been played for several years. Tennis is one of the best sports which can be chosen by anyone due to the number of advantages that it can provide to a tennis player. Irrespective of age group many people would opt for playing tennis. Why tennis is still […]