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8 Must-Know Rules for Soccer Goalies (2022 Updated)

Whether you are a goalkeeper in a team, a parent of a child playing soccer as a goalie, or an avid fan watching the game, knowing the rules for soccer goalies is so important for understanding and enjoying the game. Goalies have one of the most unique roles of any player in the game of […]

The Reason Why Do Goalies Wear Different Colors

Why do goalies wear different colors? When you look around a soccer team, one of the first things that catch your eye is that the goalie is wearing different colors from the rest of the team. Every other player on the team is matching but only the goalie of the team grabs your attention in […]

Where and When Can a Goalkeeper Use His Hands?

Knowing where and when a soccer goalie can and can’t use his hands to touch or pick up the ball is one of the most important things you need to know when it comes to understanding soccer. This article will walk you through the areas of the soccer field where the ball can be handled […]

Corner Kick in Soccer: 6 Must-Know Things

One of the most exciting parts of a soccer game is when your team gets to take a corner kick. The opportunity is given to you to put the ball, almost unopposed, into the opposition penalty area where there is a good chance your team may get a shot on goal. So many important goals […]

Yellow Card in Soccer: A Complete Guide to What It Means

When a referee shows a yellow card to a player, it’s a significant moment in any soccer game. It can affect how a player continues to play or even if they are permitted to carry on playing at all. A yellow card in soccer is used by the referee to caution a player for unsporting […]

How does a Soccer Game End?

How does a Soccer Game End?   When you first start to watch or play soccer there can be a lot of questions about how the game works. One of the important questions to know the answer to is what happens at the end of the game. You need to know when it’s finished. How […]

Can a Soccer Goalie Pick Up the Ball from a Throw-in?

Can a Soccer Goalie Pick Up the Ball from a Throw-in? If you are the goalkeeper in your team, you will already know that some of the rules in soccer are different for you than they are for the outfield players. Being able to pick up the ball is one of them. But when it […]

Can a Defender Score in Soccer? 5 Defenders Who Did

Can a Defender Score in Soccer? 5 Defenders Who Did Written by Ben in Rules of the Game If you’re playing as a defender in a soccer game or watching a soccer game, you’ll realize that the role of a defender is to stop the opposition from getting the ball near their goal. But if […]