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Welcome to Fermifootball where you can learn all rules, tips, and tricks about football. No matter who you are, a fan of watching football games or parents who are going to teach your children to football, or just want to explore the rules of this kind of sport, FermiFootball can satisfy you all the way. 

What you should know about football? 

Among the common sports, football is considered as one of the most physique-required and tatics-aske. People love it, especialy in North American. We never forget the exciting moments when a football match happens, when we play it in groups of friends or watch it on TV. 

This game not only a source of entertainment, yet a chance for people who want to purchase higher education for sport scholarship.

Why should you choose Fermifootball to update football news?


Those who are passionate about the ball and often like to gather with friends to organize small matches, often teach themselves gridiron skills through online articles or through matches of players. So, although their skills are quite good, they will not be able to reach a high level because of their lack of basic knowledge.

Learning the basics of gridiron from FermiFootball will help you equip the most necessary techniques in this sport. You will have the opportunity to learn many interesting tips and tricks that you won’t find in other learning media. 

Moreover, our guide for American football practice and rules will reduce the number of injuries and help you avoid health problems.

For sure, you will be equipped with the best tactics for playing gridiron with confidence. There are no stressful learning hours from FermiFootball. We are here just to share with you. On Fermifootball, everyone will certainly feel extremely healthy and comfortable.

Fermifootball guarantees to update the rules from all reliable sources and tips and tricks from experts. 

Contact us whenever you need a help

As you are a part of our team, Fermifootball is always willing to hear any contribution from you. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to drop a question through our contact form.

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